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Today I will shut off the alarm,
Sit on the edge of the bed,
Shake the stardust from my head
Then wander through the darkness
In the same monotonous path
As yesterday, and the day before,
And the day before –
Flip on the coffee maker,
Flip off the nightlight,
Stagger unsteadily back down the hall
To stand before the mirror,
Gazing blankly at the image staring back,
Waiting for the water to heat in the tap……
Thirty minutes later I pick up the curling iron,
Roll my hair in the same mindless fashion,
Tease and spray, spritz on perfume,
Check my image in the full length mirror,
Pour coffee into a thermal mug –
Add a little French Vanilla creamer,
Grab my keys, my lunch and my purse,
And head out the door – 7:30 on the dot,
Just like yesterday, and the day before,
And tomorrow morning and the morning after…….
Such tedious, mindless, drudgery.

Ah, but that’s when the muse does its magic
And I am blessed with the fruits of inspiration.
Tedious is not necessarily a bad thing.