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That Girl

I would take a bullet for you,
and you know it.
Yet you are with him, being so rude,
I want to die I just have to fight it.

It’s like I am dying a little inside,
when I see you two together
I’ve thought of suicide,
to just take my self out altogether.

You do not think you are worth it,
but I disagree
It would not be so hard, would it?
You would not have to see me.

Still I lay here thinking of you
We would be so right, so natural,
as natural as a cow says ‘moo, ‘
But i know this will never be natural.

Still I dream and imagine,
that you would be with me
in a golden wagon,
both of us full of glee.

You think you know how I feel,
but i must say you don’t.
You never felt a bullet never heal,
that is how I feel, I want to choke.

I must get up and stop thinking of you,
I can do it. It will be hard
to get over what I thought could be me and you.
I will try, but it won’t be as easy as the flip of a card.