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“That Moment”

‘That Moment
All those days ago
Will always be in my mind
When we are together
Because they remind me
Of exactly what I wanted

I remember the second
We first spoke
I thought my mind was playing a joke
But I realized the reality
And said what I could

Every one of those weeks passed
Only if they would’ve been fast
Because soon you weren’t there
And I asked myself why I cared
I told myself that I was just being weird

I heard some words
That Ive wanted to hear forever
The words that say
You like me
And guess what?
Ive got some words
For you
I like you too

I have since I saw you
I have since I heard you
I have since Ive noticed you
Ive liked you
Since the day I met you
That is true
I just didn’t know what to do
Because look at you

You are so pretty
Do you know that Kimi?
Your eyes sparkle with glee
And I get to see it for free
Your personality
Lets see,
I love it and its amazing
I actually think its a craving
I just love the way your behaving

I wrote this poem
To say
That I think
Your the one Ive been
Looking for
So please don’t close the door
I’m not just hoping for
Something more
I’m hoping to be a friend of yours
If something more happens
Between you and me
I hope you see
That I am different
From the past
I am someone who
Will take of
And never put you last

So I’m telling you now
While we are found
That I like you now
And I liked you then
I hope you
Will understand
Why I feel for you
What I do
And I hope you
Will always know
I am true
And that I’ll
Always and forever
Be here
For you

I hope you
Get how I feel
So you can understand
My deal
I also hope that
This is how you feel
So we can be

So Kimi
Let me see
You smile
Which always puts
Me back miles
From the files
Of my brain
To keep me sane
But that’s okay
Because I’m already
Going crazy over you
And of course that’s