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That Person

That person you haven’t seen in a while.
The person you see, and always smile.
This is the person I need to survive.
Without them, I would not be alive.

That person who comforts you,
that you comfort too.
Will always be with me, in person, or in thought.
To keep this person with me I have truly fought.

That person who picks you up when you fall.
If not for them, I would have to crawl.
The one who calls your name,
and brightens your day, as if you lived in fame.

The one who cheers you up when your sad,
that brings out your good, and conceals your bad.
This person does exist,
but if they are gone, my life is a dark abyss.

This is the person I cannot survive without.
I’d do anything for them, without a doubt.
What I would give for you to stay in my life forever,
is something that cannot be seen, touched, or measured.