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There’s always two paths that decide our fate,
Sometimes the chosen is the wrong one,
I can’t tell you how to pick the right path,
You should pick it on your own.

I thought life was all just fun and games
But not anymore, god has taken many people I loved,
And soon he will take another,
Now I know that I can’t fail in my life, that’s not what they would have wanted.

For some of us the chances that we had
We have wasted and thrown them away,
While others choose the right path,
Some are just stuck in the middle.

Most people don’t chose to be stuck there,
To chose right or wrong, at least they had a chance to chose,
Some are lead to an early grave,
As for the others, they just stay on the right path today.

I hope you have gotten the message
Of this poem and I hope you all have choose well
Chose the right path that will
Give you everything you have ever wanted.