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The Emperor and the soldier

It was dark around and no light
In that Battle field that mid-night
The soldier sat in silence in his tent
His thoughts heavy and heart rent!
His lust for luxuries left him in debt
He could not repay due to the dearth
He sighed and thought there is no use to live
For no one is there to him to give and forgive
He lit up the candle light,
And wrote a suicide note in plight
He looked at his gun and his Army ticket
And closed eyes for a cat nap before kicking the bucket!
Lo! There came the Emperor on his
surprise night round
Observed a ray of light coming from somewhere around
He silently walked up and went into the tent
And found a soldier sleeping, with a suicide note in front!
He silently read it and found to his shock
“ Who will pay-up this great debt on behalf of this broke?”
The Emperor smiled and moved with compassion,
Took-up the suicide note and scribbled
some lines for remission
Embossed his Royal Seal and
went out on commission
Woke up from sleep, the soldier read
the paper in surprise
For he never imagined that the Emperor would
pay up his heavy price
The great Emperor in compassion
pardoned all his vice
And undertook to pay-up
the great debt of avarice!
TheHeavenly Emperor is a
great fund of love and compassion
And saves one and all,
who suffer with, all kinds of passion
He invites all
who carry heavy sins and burden,
To come to Him, promising
to give them rest in His love garden!