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The end of vanity

I used to be a model
in magazines and on TV
but the person you all worshiped
wasn’t me, wasn’t me

The only thing that mattered
was how I looked and what I weigh
so I’d binge then make myself sick
every day, every day

But I found out the hard way
that when you end this ride
you’re suddenly a nobody
and you feel like suicide

And all your friends desert you
when the spotlight goes away
The fame and fortune disappears
when you have nothing to say

It took the words of a stranger
in the absence of a friend
To make me want to carry on
not draw my life to an end

She found me crying in the park
this old woman of eighty two
she was the one that told me
whats in the picture isn’t you

A picture’s just a memory
caught on film or on a page
a fleeting moment of your past
in which you’ll never age

So dry your eyes and carry on
don’t fall victim to your past
your beauty is inside you
and that will always last.