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Some kids these days have no respect,
For the people who died to bring peace.
Some kids, just don’t care
They are only interested in fictional beasts.

Martin Luther KING fought for blacks to have to have rights.
Now kids like him because they get off of school,
And I am always sitting there saying,
“Some whites have no respect for him you fools.”

Where would we be today?
If no one stood up for what they believed.
When some parents tell there kids it doesn’t matter,
Not knowing they were deceived.

I am glad people like martin, Abraham, and Malcolm stood up
And shared what they all would like.
And some kids say it doesn’t matter,
This is what I said to them “ha sike.”

I know there is more people I probably forgot,
But they don’t have to be just those people.
There reading this poem right now, look in a mirror and you will see
You and/or your children disciples.