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The Journey Its Lesson

its raining, its cold
the wind surrounds me, but still i can feel the light
its the change thats coming, the change in seasons,
its still dark and cold, but i aint staying in fright

i dont declare that i’m great
nor try to persuade that i’m something more or less
all i need are your prayers, a great deal of them,
that i be by God and you, so blessed

i’m in a journey
where its fatigue i have and no sleep
because its revival i search for,
i’m commited for it, and that i’ll reap

those demons of time,
who come and creep
so jobless, they want me down
but i’ve learned more, felt whats there down deep

i’m prepared, they can’t do anything
they’ll just try and have to whine,
because i’ve fought and will more,
its with even bigger trouble with which, i’ve dined

i can feel it getting warmer
do you think its becoming fine?
i know that i’ve travelled a lot and enough
but still i’m not sure, am i near the finish line?

its springtime now,
its done, now i’ll be free
the time, the moment,
has come, most awaited by me

welcome, the sunshine says
and now i can last
for long with peace,
not being called again by my past

your prayers, my will
thats what brought me here,
you were the one, that made my will,
yes its true, dear

it was a hard time to learn, that all
what was needed was something forgetten in this world
something that needed to be followed by everyone,
but not jus preached by word

it is what, that i claim
that i have for her,
but has to be given,
to everyone, starting from my misunderstood brother

all i want now,
is that others see their spring too,
suffer less than i did,
but reach their destination, along with learning the truths