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The Link of Destiny

When we saw for the first time,
Just knowing him as a kinsman
Was just yearning to find out,
Who this handsome lad was,
So asked my beloved sister,
And she nodded with a pretty smile.

When we met for the first time,
Talking with care and affection,
Feeling of sincerity in his wordings,
That poured from his true heart,
Was able to enjoy it to the best,
Indeed it was a memorable day…

We exchanged friendly letters,
And kept good communication,
Likes and dislike all well written
In his bold and legible handwriting,
Liked him more for what he was,
And thus we became close….

After long eight months we met again,
Eagerly waiting to see his smiling face,
Wanting to hear his heart throbbing voice,
A sweet feeling of getting closer,
Cherished those lovely moments,
Wished the day would never end….

Lovely late evening he came beside,
Just handed me a small piece of paper,
In a simple way his wish was conveyed,
No words to describe my happiness,
Felt as though I was in heaven,
Life has given me the best partner…