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The Love Symphony

This is how I envision love to be,
Life will be full of roses…fragrant consuming the air I breathe.
I will give freely, hopelessly…wearing my heart on my sleeve,
I will not question to judge this reality, my asked for,
Welcomed state of mind…enthrall…tapped in the knowledge,
Of surrealness to engage and unmask…feeling free, yet needed, and Wanted subconsciously guided by forces anointed.

Power strength, a calm self – assurance, that is how he’ll need to be,
To keep me consumed in unbiased love promoting harmony…
Of the Souls!

He’ll be able to challenge and I’ll have met, in order to have
My life content…bouncing idea’s off one another…turning them into Fruition…for man’s betterment.
He’ll be my man guide and I’ll not hide my joy that is being felt…
On the Inside!

Only to share with him my deep darkest mind Symphony’s…
That play on in my head.

He’ll calm me, gently kissing me, holding me, thus making me shine
Feeling strongly secure in his presence.

In return…I’ll calm his mind, taking his head in my hands gently,
Caress…fingertips…lightly massaging his temples around his hairline,
Down to his neck, taking away the stress his day has left, no longer,
Lingering…Relaxed and enthralled by “The Love Symphony”.