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The Moon

I can’t help it
I haven’t dealt with
My feelings for you
Suddenly came out
Too soon
But I wish
Fate was twisted
And I could wish for you
To be with this kid
Which kid?
But it’s wrong because
I want you to be true
To your man
You see
I missed it
Your feelings
My chance
If I could I would
But I can’t
Can I?
I mean I want you so bad
But I can’t
Can I?
Is it wrong or is it right?
If you give me permission
Either way I will listen
To you
Because deep down
It’s weird for me to feel like this
It’s true
If I had a genie this would be my second wish
The moon
It’s so beautiful
But you’re times two
You’ve probably heard that before
It’s true
But I promise I will bring it to this world for you
As soon as I get my third wish
A kiss?
From you
Well even just a hug will do
For real
As long as your by my side
It feels so real
It’s as if time stood still
And we had minutes to kill
You feel
Damn even just holding your hand
Made me wish that I was your man
Not your man now
But your next
I promise that I am different from the rest
Give me one chance
I won’t let
You down
I’ll keep you up
With the clouds
I won’t let you touch the ground
Sweep you off your feet like the wind
If I promise I can make it happen
Do I win?
I have never won before
But was this a competition?
If luck was air
I would breathe three sevens in a row
Only once so it’s fair
I would stop breathing if the prize was you
I wouldn’t care
I wouldn’t dare gamble you
Cause I can’t help it
Nothing can compare to you
Well maybe…the moon