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The Passionate Suicide

I long to undress you
Lick your life long scars
Touch your body
And feel your warmth
Kiss you with passion
And feel you kissing me back
To hold my breath
As you undo my bra
Feel your cold touch
On my bare flesh
And share the desire
That has built up within me
Not saying a word
Fall into your embrace
In the darkness
Seeing the light
The nakedness shared
Only topped by the blood
Leaking through our wounds
The exquisite taste of your tongue
As we violently thrust our lips together
Slowly leaving our pathetic existence
With a knowing smile on our faces
A smile that informs the world
That our cold motionless bodies
Had shared loveless and rough sex
Involving nothing but desire and pain
Just simple
That’s what I call
Orgasmic death filled with happiness.