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the road t’s

Whisper light and silent as a thought,
Thru a sky of shifting hue,
Windless wings so kindly bear her,
Toward the gates of new.

Cold as ice and darker than the night,
Thru a wilderness of pain,
The bloodless hand’s now guiding him,
Into the shadow’s stain.

Upon the breeze she spreads her wings,
And thru the rainbow’s blush
She swims, and all around her heart
There falls the sweetest hush.

Into the mesh of tangled night,
Down thru the labyrinth confined,
Cold hands still dragging him,
He struggles with his mind.

She cannot feel his pain, nor he her joy
The smile of her lovely guise,
Is powerless to dry,
The tears that burn his eyes.

Her story is unfinished but untold,
Hidden by our clouded eyes,
His pain we know and understand,
With him today we cry.

The hope we know, we cannot feel,
The promises to which we cling
Lie cold and lifeless in our hands,
Here, Death, is your sting.

Where the road T’s, and the dreams we dream
Must go their separate ways:
Here we linger till we heal,
But the shadow always stays.