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The Rogue’s Plea

In the darkness
From a thatched roofed hut
A lantern lights
The waves erode the beach
There he blows
an off tuned trumpet……

“In this world of sadness
In this world of happiness
In this world of ice
In this world of fire
Till the last breath
You are my life
You are my “bite”
You are my sweet bun…
You are my purple grape……..”

“Don’t cry for worst words
creep through my mouth.
Don’t hate fingers
those squeeze your ears…..
Tolerate nasty Ketones
exhaled through nostrils,
Bear disgusting belches
gushes out of stomach
Stand with the snore
in the middle night bed with sore
Never wither my flower
with the forces of fleshy arms
Never tear blood
with the thrusting iron rod
stabs through perineum”

There is a BIG BUT”
“still in the absence of you
I feel so fooled
as a coward in the sour pool,
Give life to
this inebriated rascal
can you do that?
Have courage for that?
Strength for that? ”

Stars never bother to glitter…
Wind engulps another sigh…..
Waves continue to spurt……..
The snore mingles with the sound of shore