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The Spaghetti Eatin’ Yetti.

The Abominal Snowman is sometimes called the Yetti…
This unwary snow white furried creature is widely known
to enjoy eating meatballs and spaghetti.

If you should ever see this Big Foot a’runnin’ at you…
You’ll know your done, you’ll know you are through.

He carries his fork and knife while on the fly…
If you are dumb enough to stick around, you’ll assuredly die.

For his second most food he likes to eat…
Is a human man named Fred, Joe or even Pete.

No photographs of him have ever been taken…
‘Cause the photographer is missing,
slid down his gullet like a baked potato or a slab of
beef-so much unfortunately mistaken.

Broken tree branches and large footprints are his
stock in trade…
There must’a been a femaled bigfoot,
for he never wood’a been ID’eed,and made.

Bigfoot is rarely ever seen…
‘Cause out’ta his mouth,
usually is protruding a wet red dripping kidney or spleen.

So it’s off he dashes real fast behind a trunk thickened tree…
So that tomorrow or next, he’ll be rumored by someone else
that, the spaghetti eating yetti has been spotted, you’ll see.