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~The Y’s Have it!

I’m one tissue shy of calamity,
next to the last soul in humanity.
I am one ounce of pride short of dignity,
and one mph away from velocity.

I’m in one town, you’re intensity,
a Master Charge away from identity.
One aching tendon from flexibility,
and one arc’d degree from the university.

Happiness has lost it’s frivolity,
I have narrowed down my availability.
Gumby has lost all elasticity.
Will we live beyond infinity?

I’ve never crossed the lines between serenity and insanity,
has a poet’s moon lost it’s sensuality?
I am one drink ahead of sobriety.
The second to last to stand in society.

The unforgivable sin elbows my morality,
your pen sells your individuality.
One jail bar between your vulnerability.
Your down to earth qualities mock your vanity.

My daddy never claimed me through paternity,
I was the last kid standing in the maternity.
And just when I thought this poem was through,
you asked me to spend eternity with you.