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To Utopia

To Utopia

Strolling up along a rocky mountain pass
to a world so green, so very full of grass.
Travelling up along to pastures new
in a world so very clear under a sky so blue.

We arrive at the country of ‘No time at all’
not in this realm of space,
in the shire of ‘Nowhere’
in a town called ‘Someplace’.

Now Someplace boasts proudly a colourful array
a dreamtown in nowhere with a brighter breezier way,
as the towering medievil buildings transparent or colourfully opaque
reflect thoughtfully onto the tranquil lake:

Within illuminated illusions under a pleasurable poisoned yellow sky
cleaning myself of reality delightfully I cry,
a mana in the wilderness the smells of intrigue and allure
don’t want to find an antidote let’s forget about a cure.