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Lost in your own ways trying to fit in with every kind of
group. There is a light far away and you are trying to run
Towards it but you can never reach it. Still being trapped
In your old ways never letting out what you really feeling.
Still lost trying to reach that light.

You try not fitting in but you don’t want to be made fun of. You dress in black people think your cool. You take it too far though you hurt others feelings. You can fix your reputation but, you can’t fix what you have already started

You still trying to reach that light. You get farther and farther away from it and you’re going to a dark place like you’re in a closet. You can’t see if the lights are off. You now realize it’s tough to see in the dark.

You now realize it’s too late. Don’t say that it’s never too late. You just choose its better to break the feelings of others. Then to not fit in that’s what really makes it to late. Now you truly are in a darker place then you were you already were and I feel bad for you then the broken feelings. You could have done better.