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it was trust that was broken
in its crust, you dug into
better was to have me beheaded
than to slowly slit me like this

for too many times, i’d tolerated you
when ignorance was all that u gave
now its high time, but actually too late to react
but still you can see me leash out the angry me

the silence that i keep now
actually speaks louder now
how annoying and bad you feel
when i give you, your behavior, its crap, dont u feel

i was bound up before
bound up, still i am
but whenever you called me
i risked myself to be there

you gave no happiness then
you behaved like a saddening mime
all i was, was upset as always
i couldnt even fake a smile

now im tired of pleasing
cause i’ve understood what i am to you
i’m just a waste of time & money
a pet thats, to everywhere dragged

all i know is, that again
there is no chance for a correction
cause you made a mistake that you cant change
you shattered the mirror of faith, which always had your reflection