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Where did I write?
Rolled should’ve stood
Floated downstream
Lamb bleating (mine)

Simulation lost
Scribbled on’da stalls
Windowless closet
Blowing rhythmic noises

Free of the shell
Blinded by fog
Wings in the dark
Hand in my hand

Out of the ashes
A phoenix is born
Finally landed
Precariously perched

Full steam ahead,
Mountains and creeks
Spring, summer, fall

Bang! Lights fade to grey
Cold winter has come
Steadfast on my perch
A prize first must be won

Stood tall and firm
Smile on my face
Toes curl board
Remain I in place

Bent knees looking down
Forget why I’m here
Thinking of jumping
And I finally fall

Hand reaches out
I start to fly
Sun on my face
Grinning inside

My heart opens wide
Wings feather and wax
Ascend to the sun
Without looking back