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Wanting is a common human feature
We cannot help wanting.
Wanting is shared among various creatures.
Still we can be disappointed and be taunted.

As human beings we want many things.
We want more than we deserve.
We want more than kings.
We wish food to be served.

As for I, it is much less.
All I want is to be loved,
but lately life has been such a mess.
Lately I’ve been getting shoved.

I do not want much,
but all that I do want is almost forbidden.
If I could have but the slightest touch
all those feeling will be hidden.

I want what I can’t have,
and it feels awful.
The one small thing I want but cannot have,
Is almost impossible.

It is only human to desire the forbidden,
for we are curious.
Our thoughts dark and hidden,
some thoughtful and serious.

Again, I want the impossible,
the only thing I desire
is to be loved by the one not possible
I hope to one day call myself a liar.