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use me in this sensual way

and as our bodies rock and sway

drift into this horizontal dream

the warmth of your body melts me

as I float in to a daze

your lips my only solution for my mind’s cloudy haze

taste so good melt in my mouth

touch your rock hard dream body

sends me in your eyes fantasy

captured by your kiss

my rivers flow into your sea

I’m encouraged to let you taste every last inch of me

this passion flows like a raindrop out of the sky

your loving keeps me on this ultimate high

so ready to grab that moment that screams out my ecstasy

your tongue follows my body’s curves

making me loose all my nerve

I’m taken by this seduction song

you can rock my body all night long

with you in my sheets

my body will keep up

your sex hurts so good

this taste I can’t chase with just any man

I only want your loving please understand

You fulfill my chocolate fantasies

taste so good

hope our lips never separate

and my sensual hunger you aggravate

keep coming back for more

your ecstasy pill

wanna swallow it

start to feel

my body release

want your tongue never to cease

the immense rapture

inside your eyes please capture

my body my form

every night promise to keep me warm