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Washed Up

Washed Up

It feels like there’s no escaping
the blinding ness of the darkness of fear.
So deep and dark are these waters
that the sun cannot shine down here.

My face is straight,
I feel deep emotions as I speak
and imagine the tears of sadness
are rolling down my cheek.

Sadness cleans my mind
it clears my clouded head
as I swim in emotions
through the watershed.

Through turbulent murky waters
full of stress and distortion,
onto a never ending shoreline
with all its complications.

Persistent waves keep rolling into shore
but there are undercurrents of doubt,
because although the waves keep crashing in
the tide is moving out.

So here I am like a voyager
like a crustacean in another land.
A lost stranger stranded,
washed up on the sand.