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Some day when I am gone away
They’ll ruffle through my things,
I’ll watch from somewhere undisclosed
And hope my praise they’ll sing;

They’ll look through all my papers,
My emails will surprise
Some unsuspecting voyeur
Who’ll find treasure for his eyes;

They’ll wonder who I really was –
They never had a clue,
Perhaps my poems will help them see
The me they never knew;

Another side long hidden,
A deep creative mind,
So many feelings put to words –
My very soul they’ll find;

One day my friends and family
Will come to realize
In life they never knew me well,
In death they’ll be surprised;

They’ll find my published poetry,
Anthologies and plaques –
They’ll realize the secret life
I lived behind their backs;

I only hope my closest friend
Is first to reach my door,
She’ll throw away the ‘secrets’
Stowed inside my dresser drawer!