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Who rules

The world is being shattered, by the plans of man that don’t matter what happens to you and me,
The bombs wreck lives, families and friends, what do they care, they don’t get their share.

The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, The middle class pay for them both,
Oh! what a shame, the world is in pain, and the men at the top just boast.

There’s no law to abide for those who rise to the top, they’ve got what it takes,
From school’s they did make, the paper that said it’s alright to rule and cause us pain.

People are frustrated, Security not illustrated any more, for you or for me,
But I’ll tell you what, I’ll do my lot, power or position, will not change me.

Our schools don’t pray, Our children can say if you touch me, I’ll bring in the law,
Can we not see, we are in the control of an evil enemy, take back what is yours.

Depression has come and taken our world, as we fight to set ourselves free,
Our children in brawls, with the sex, drugs, and booze and who’s blamed, you and me.

The teenagers, in competition, the brand names illusion, their wishing if I, could only be me,
Some find the easy way out, and take drugs or they hang from their own ceiling.

Let’s turn this around, and believe in The God, who created, the heavens and earth,
And then He placed man, to be all that he can, and to show love to all of mankind.

Will you stand with me, and proclaim you can see, that God had the perfect plan,
He said here’s the commandments, obey them, and they blessings will fall on your land.