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The sea is calm, yet ominous
The sails hang limp and dry,
Not so much as a breeze for days
And the sun is riding high;

Each night I pray for a weather change
But nothing comes my way,
Each morn’ awakens clear and bright
With the stillness of the day;

My ship lies idle, nothing moves
And I can barely breathe,
Beneath the surface life goes on
Yet deep within I seethe;

Where is the wind that fills my sails,
The breeze that carries me?
A ship needs wind to navigate,
To break her moorings free;

So small and insignificant,
Upon this sea I’m lost –
I need your wind to fill my sails,
To leave me wild and tossed;

Don’t let me log another day
“Disabled, lost at sea” –
Blow strong, and billow all my sails –
Return your wind to me.