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Your Burdens My Sorrows Pt. 2

dont think you can fix
all your probs on your own
be it, if you deal it as some big rock
or just many lil stones

its not that you cannot,
but its just that we together should be
doing the solving, sewing it up
wasnt that our deal?

you can’t just turn yourself
into a new being
showing that smile, saying youre fine
cause i can feel it, that ain real

i guess you think its ok,
the new you will act trouble free
nothing’s really fine, even if no-one sees
cause this ain you but a drama, this makes me uneasy

guess you saw
someone else before i came
that caught your attention
that left you changed

making you feel
that you were complete
prince charming was just great
the heaven was over you, the ground firm under your feet

but just when slowly
times turned, and the peace was broke and incomplete
heaven left, it was raining on you, and you rained back with tears
when the very same ground shook under your feet

it left you thinking
nothing was ever gonna make it right
i felt the change, the difference inside
even when you tried to shut it tight

i knew you wouldnt tell
cause your mind was stiff and stern
but i only wanted you to spill it to me
when you felt right, so i left time to take its turn

silly me thought u knew
that i was the one for you always there
but sadly u never saw and thought more of ways
to make me forget and not to care

you forgot, you just didnt get it
how much i meant when i said
it aint that you are a burden
guess i should have told you, i saw in you my Angel, Godsend

angels can be just about
flyin around, makin things right and happy
but youre my special kind
different, but totally not crappy

cause its when i see your smile
and know i helped it making it in you
taking out your grief
smooth out the creases, and make you be really new

cause like i said its a wound that grows in me, y’know
seeing my deary, thinking they’re a loser who’s so sore
Believe me let me walk right by your side
All the probs are gonna go, cause you’re precious to me evermore than my life!