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Your Burdens My Sorrows

You tell me that you’re in sorrow
And I try consoling you
But it couldn’t work out, you said
So did I when I was in such a state, ain’t I true?

You say I couldn’t understand
But tell me where did I fail?
Wait give me a chance
Cause when you came to aid me then, did I complain?

In pain, yes I know how you feel
Cause long before you the one who suffered was me
I care, I like you a lot
It hurts me again more than how it had been

You better not go away and isolate yourself
Saying that only now silence will help
Cause am there with you like the moon
Leading your way having the darkness dealt

Its my wound that hurts now it keeps growing more
Seeing my loved ones, living a life that’s so sore
Believe me let me walk right by your side
All the probs are gonna go, cause ur now a part of my life!