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Your Opportunity

My life is like this
Opportunities I miss
Never bliss
But here’s my story
That will never seize to exist
First off the girls
I have a gift
It’s neither here or there
In reality it’s how I talk
It wasn’t just the hair
It’s not about vocabulary
But how I put my words together
If this was a sport in highschool
I would probably get a letter
Speaking on my behalf
I couldn’t have said it any better
But this all comes with a price
It’s not free
Every girl is an opportunity
Even if they are not free
It’s true
It’s me
My friends say I never turn off
I used to deny
But now I see
I’m about to fall off
Never have love
But will always be free
By myself
Only me
I guess it happens to the best of us
I guess this happens to the best of us
There is something about every girl though
Something that attracts me to them
I don’t just do it for fun
Most of the time I do it for them
I’m not meaning to sound vile
To degrade the girls
That’s not my style
All I really want is for them to be happy
For them to smile
It’s beauty
When they smile
Cut and paste
The image in my mind
So I wont waste
That precious moment in time
Their smile
Well what about my smile
Too late
Can’t wait to do it again
Make another happy
But this game I never win
It’s a sin when I grin
Hell opens up
It’s my inn
I sleep
I guess it happens to the worst of us
I guess this happens to the worst of us
But I’m needing to be loved
I’m needing to have someone here
Not spiritually
Not above
But here
In the flesh
Someone who reflects
What I need
Someone who will breathe
The same air that I breathe
The same air that I need
And keep me
As their opportunity
And take advantage
Of this situation
Not just of me
No begging
No please
I am willing to change
This will come with time
Maybe not with ease
Maybe not shes
Hopefully one girl
Will help me change my ways
The passionately sweet Kris
Mixed with
A swirl
Of bliss
This is another wish
My life is like this