Tawny tussle, hazard map

Dolly frizz facing, strand overs

haze air, glare cast massage

moody blue mannequin, I am.


World-whish, Nazi-non-part,

furl grip, washed comb-dry

still break bare, twig storm fare

thaw blow, steady stick-stack

pore lift, sleep sonata, I be.


Day raise, moon ray

roll blaze maze, brush pillow race

lazy mop dance leaving me.

Steep sleep, ardent shadow

less leaving arch of mile to the trees

About the author


I love poetry, physics and art. I've won a State award, City and the senior class writing award but that was a long time ago. I'm often published in a local newspaper and write in my spare time. I love Neruda, Agee and Byron. I'm a person of solitude, often mistaken.

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