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Ellis Jr.

🔼 I pride myself on writing some of the REALEST poetry you'll ever read. Everything I share is based upon personal experiences, thoughts, & beliefs.. in my own style of poetic lyricism.

🔽 I'm in a lifelong battle with anxiety, depression, OCD, & this journey we call life. Point being; I won't hesitate to let you know when I cry, laugh, or straight up get caught in my feelings.

▫ And she said: "You write so beautifully. Your mind must be a terrifying place."

• Childhood Survivor!
• Day Dreamer/Night Thinker
• Published Poet & Aspiring Author
• From the (508) Massachusetts
• All rights reserved® | 💯% REAL©


🔸COMMENTS are the direct route to my poetic ♡.
I respond to EVERY one, & try to always reciprocate.
I look forward to hearing from you! Let's get to know one another.

🔹 POETFREAK, as a whole, was the first & ONLY "Poetry Community" that I've ever been a part of, where EVERYONE supported one another, in this artform that I've grown to LOVE. I intend on keeping with that tradition. I hope you will, as well. Let's all do our part in making this an amazing place to interact, & grow! Don't be afraid to show love.

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