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My heart I place upon the line,
Not knowing is the worst –
Have I the right to want for more,
Or if I do, be cursed?

To be content as in the past
Is safe in many ways –
Yet, I don’t wish to settle now
And simply count my days;

Instead I long to understand
This newness that you bring –
I feel myself awakening
Like blossoms in the spring;

So many things I’ve yet to learn,
Perhaps that’s why you’re here –
I dare not interrupt your life
And yet I want you near;

I have no right to make demands,
For I am just your friend –
But now that I’m aware of you
I cannot comprehend

My life without you in it –
Already I have changed,
I never want to lose you now
That you have rearranged

My thoughts, and yes, my feelings,
They’ll never be the same –
My peaceful world’s turned upside down
And somehow you’re to blame;

My heart I place upon that line,
While I am contemplating
What’s right for you – what should I do?
Impatiently………….I’m waiting.