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A Lonely Smile

Seeing a child in an orphanage,
Just can’t imagine the plight,
Feeling of sadness arise,
Who had done that mistake?

No smile, no laugh in him,
Sitting with a blank expression,
Can see loneliness in his roving eyes,
Why has he to suffer like this?

Came to know he then arrived,
Seated along with other boys,
Not knowing it is his new home,
Nor what made him to be here?

Lost his beloveds all of a sudden,
Became an orphan in a single day,
Can feel the pain he is bearing,
Who is responsible for this?

He is only a kid of five years,
Unable to forget his innocent face,
Seeing his looks hurts me a lot,
What a miserable sight is it?

Went near him spoke lovingly,
And touched his lovable face,
Raised his little head and looked upon me,
Tiny lips widened to a cute adorable smile…