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A Sandwich

They always say
They gonna break bread or get his
This to me is selfish
And I wish
I was different and
My time was timeless
Gonna break bread or get his?
More like you should break bread and give
Out to the homeless,
Like me
In about a week
I’m weak
Please no crumbs feed me the crust please
I’ll take anything
Do you have peanut butter and maybe some jelly?
This is a luxury
But just one sandwich can fill up four bellies,
of mine
That would make me live for one more week in time
Cause my time is time
Not timeless
Please feed me
I wont beg no more
Nor will I whine
Just asking for your bread and your time
Please feed me,
So I can get mine,
So I can get by
This is not selfish
Yet it kind of is
But why?
I’m just a starving human being
Out trying get by
Out trying to get mine
With the help of others
Under God’s eyes we are brothers
Me and life aren’t lovers
But me and time are runners
I’m not a beggar
But I’ll take anything you offer
We are all greedy in one way or another
If you are poor, you settle for less
But you will always want more
If you are rich, you are content with what you have
But cheap as a mutherfucker towards those who don’t have
I see myself as a human being, inbetween
These two categories
Outrageously obsceen
It’s my scene
I’m a king
Lifes my queen
Poor or rich
Ordered differently
This is a tune
But the melody is mean
I’ll take to take
But give some of what I have
Even though it’s a sandwich
For four bellies it would last
It’s the fourth night
Care for the last bite?