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Against the rock

The waves lap gently on the shore,
the moon is at its peak,
Winds cry against the scurried clouds,
like souls about to speak,
Stars glow a tapestry of light,
reflecting in your eyes
and not a word will break this spell,
that seems to hypnotize.

The sands are all deserted now,
there’s only you and me,
you in my arms against the rock,
Whil’st gazing out to sea.
Your back against my beating heart,
My arms around your waist,
my cheek against your silken hair,
within my soft embrace,

And soft your words I listen to
and softer still your smile,
When you told me everything of you,
with not a notion, to beguile
the flickering flame of driftwood fire,
dance shadows on your face
and warms the soul of one so fair,
within this special place.