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“Don’t Go”

Every single song
Of sadness goes by
So fast and blurred
Every love story
Is the same as the last
But I want
Ours to last
And the sadness to
Stay back and never
Be a fact
In the past
This is what I was
Another day
A lonely day
So much to say that goes unspoken
And through the night
My sleepless nights
My eyes are closed
My heart is broken
That was the past
I want it to stay last
And I want to cast
Myself to you
And let you know its true
And also have you know
How much I actually
Love you
But I also want you
To know
If you feel uncomfortable
And terrible
I want you to let me know
So I can fix it all
Because the last thing
I want you to be
Is emotionally hurt
And in the dirt
I want you to glow
Even if it is slow
For you to Love me too
I will wait as long as life
And just go with the flow
But please Don’t go

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