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‘Twas an enchanting story, a fairytale –
Two hearts captured by word alone,
One called out and the other heard
Words like fire, blazing raw
Across the page –
Words of passion, torment, pleading
For peace, understanding ;
On cautious wing their words took flight,
Each to enfold, embrace the other
Enhancing the richness
And beauty of two minds in sync –
Kindred spirits dancing on the fringe
Of reality,
Crossing the chasm of thought,
Of dreams, of believing;
Pages and pages of elegant words,
Filled with hope and brilliant light,
And some tarnished and jagged,
Filled with fear and emptiness –
Exposed and vulnerable, each to the other;
A bond forged by two serendipitous souls
Caught up in a moment of magic,
Of infinite possibility;

But….just as all fairytales must end,
So ends this story,
Perhaps not the way one would have wished,
No frogs, no princes or princesses,
Just two mortals whose paths did cross
For a brief moment in time,
A heartbeat in the fabric of eternity
Overflowing with words, with passion,
With unforgettable friendship,
Incredibly beautiful, and absolutely