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For Free

I have no money
So can I get this for free?
I lost the drive.
I lost the determination.
I just want to get high
And have no complications.
Maybe if I wasn’t behind, this drug could help me make it.
Maybe if I wasn’t high, I would continue to fake it.
Erase it.
Save my soul from the evils of day kid.
Chill in peace for heaven’s sake kid.
Daydream of peace, but shall never take it.
I always thought “The Worthy” was a person in my dreams
Maybe a lover, a friend, but no it can’t be seen
I feel complete when I inhale when I breathe
But lonely
By myself
Only me.
How can this be?
Everyone is gone
How can they leave?
The lies from underneath
What lies beneath
Calms my life when I breathe
I feel no worries
I feel no pain
I feel no heartache
I feel no gain?
Because when I’m done
Everything stays the same
The only way for change
Is to revert back to the way
I felt.
So sell…it to me for free.