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“I Do and I Never”

For one conversation
I tell her everything I feel
Let her know everything is real
So she would understand my deal
But I should have kept my lips sealed
Right now we are somewhere between
‘I do and I Never’

In the quite beginning
She knew nothing
Same as me
She had no idea
I was suffering
So I told her me
And she told me her
I will always remember
Those days forever
That was when we pulled the lever on
‘I Do and I Never’

Now is Now
She got rid of my frown
She has made me found
Because she did what I needed
Talked, Cared, and Listened
So from those days of the lever
I had become to Love her
And we are somewhere between
‘I Do and I Never’

Now in Time
I remembered that sign
That signaled my mind
To go out and find
Someone that would make my life fine
So I thank that sign
Because it helped me with all that is mine
That girl that I didn’t see in the line
But the only girl that shined

So to the hours ahead
I will remember what was said
On those days of the lever
So I can always Love her and be
Somewhere between
‘I Do and I Never’

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