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My eyes are still closed but I see you
Mechanical buzzing breaks my dream
I roll and let my feet touch the ground
Clearing cobwebs of you from my head

I rise, I’m risen and walk down the hall
Door locking, as I ready, for you
Body is tingling and wide awake
I stand waiting, I get no release

I step up and in, turn on the tap
The cold water gets warmer, then hot
Cleansing my body, cleansing my soul
I feel you and then feel some relief

Thinking of you I reach for a towel
Slowly patting until I am dry
With comb in hand I start to preen
Before my steamed image, I smile

A little here and a little there
With a breath I am ready for you
I pick out a shirt, I put on my pants
One more look to make sure I’m there

When I am finished I walk through the door
My feet take me to just where you are
Your eyes are closed, I stop to admire
I lean in til almost we touch

You feel me and just start to smile
My lips stop a fraction away
Anticipating the moment
I wait til i cant wait any more

My tongue darts out to moisten your lips
Your lips part in that certain way
With all of me, I feel all of you
I put everything into this kiss

I could Never kiss you
Any other way