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Why do you dive me so crazy,
i miss when i was so lazy,
i didnt have a care in the world untill,
untill i saw you, i new it would kill,
me if i let it,
love can be hard to fit,
in my life but it makes its own place,
kill me with a wooden mace,
to get rid of this sweet yet horable feeling,
love,is going to my burden for as long as he keeps me in his life,
and not stab me heart with his knife,
i have to saw ill deal with this feeling,
ill deal with this happieness with out runing,
as long as your by my side,
ill go along with this wild ride,
what did you do to me,
why do i feel so free,
the darkness in my heart is fading,
this feelin doesnt feel madning,
like i heard for years,
i cant even shed my sad tears,
theres no sadness in me anymore,
you really feel theres something else to me, something more,
you may be right,
but i still live for the night,
i love the cold,
i wont be told,
that the heat is better,
the heat doesnt matter,
i hide from the light,
but my love for you shines darkly through the night.