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Mirror you.

I know,
many thousand miles away,
you still remember me.
I know,
you haven’t forgotten
how I kissed you.
I know,
you still think of the days
you hugged my warmth.
I know,
off and on you miss
feeling me next to you.
I know,
that you might recall
how I wouldn’t let you go.
I know,
you’d wander into thoughts
of you and me in moistness.
I know,
that you know that there
are moments I think of you.
I know,
that you will still know
how much I loved you.
I know,
that you know that I still
love you like I always have.
I know,
there’s nothing you and I
can do about it.
I also know,
that you know some day
I will write this for you.