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My Future

I was thinking about my future before I met you
> And I realized there is no way I could make it better
> I’ve messed up, and did things I shouldn’t of done
> This is a poem , but also a letter:
> Dear Cassidy,
> The way we met was not idealistic
> But the way we met was completely realistic
> The things we did from the very beginning
> Made me think that I was losing, and not really winning
> I was hooked from the first time that we latched
> And wanted this to be the perfect match
> But every little thing that I tried to do
> Pushed me away from ever having you
> I try and I try, but get denied
> I try and I try to get you to realize
> That I’m going to say, well, actually imply
> That I am going to stay, for the rest of my life
> I know there is things that you hate about me
> And you know there’s things that I hate about you
> But deep down know this,
> To have a better life for me and you
> This is something that we have to work through
> I was thinking about my future
> When you told me “Kris, I’m pregnant…”
> I was silent,
> and thought it was just a figment,
> Of my–
> imagination
> I then replied with the wrong statement
> And said “its not mine, its not mine” in an instant
> I’m sorry
> I knew that was something I shouldn’t of said
> But I was shocked and everything went to my head
> I couldn’t comprehend because my mind was fed
> With news that tasted bitter, bitter like bread
> –I wasn’t even hungry
> But see still thinking about my future
> I realized there is nothing I can do
> To change the feelings between me and you
> Like I said I tried and I will continue to try
> Looking past what people say, past the lies
> Cause you are the one carrying a part of me inside
> This relationship has indeed produced life
> Thinking about my future
> I know my love is for you to take
> You have to wake up, it is not a mistake
> Time to be together, away from this break
> And take my love to see what we can make
> And take my love only to the heart and fit it
> I thought about my future
> And realized you need to be a part of it.
> Babe I’m anxious, I’m nervous, the days are
> countless yet guiltless.
> Love,
> Kristopher Thomas