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There’s a King who reigns on high, he’s watching me and you, With His love so true,
He sighs, He cries, He says, why my child my loves for you, why give yourself to pain to gain, another broken heart.

Ask me, my child I’ll show you the way, To walk in wisdom, integrity and truth,
Trust in me I’m here for you, If you acknowledge me, The desires of your heart, I’ll bring them through.

I want to show you, my path, so bright so light that you can see, the way forward,
Hear me, you should, Don’t play around and starve from good, I’m here with love.

So child as I watch, mend your ways, don’t walk in a daze, be true to me and you,
So take, my hand I’ll show you my plans, for you, hear my voice, make the choice.

In confidence, faith and love you will stand, If my plans you will demand,
There is no other way, because you will fail, It will take you back to the circle of pain, no gain.

I’m your heavenly Father, and I would rather, you achieved your dreams,
for prosperity and good for all that you would, Let your hopes be fulfilled in my love.