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Rape of Nature

God created man as righteous

But he turned gluttonous and avaricious

He is not just content with fulfilling his need

He turned coveted and craves for everything out of greed

He kills his own brethren with grudge

He fells the trees to make his sledge and hedge

He kills the birds for pleasures

He hunts the animals to while away his leisure

He pollutes the air out of greed

He defiles the water for his creed

The hills, the forests

The brooks, the creeks

The sky, the air

On every thing he sets his ugly eyes and laid his demonic hands

Proliferation of his cars and mo-bikes surging out halfburnt hydrocarbons

Fridges and ACs for his cool comfort emitting hot chlorofluorocarbons

He doesn’t care if earth’s temperature soars and perforates ozone layer

Advocating for dangerous BT crops, he metamorphosed into their supporting lawyer

Shunning organic manures, he uses chemical pesticides

They killed not just sparrows, but also cause passive genocides

Discarding his traditional cloth bag, he makes polythene hand bags in no dearth

Piling up plastic waste, thwarts ground waters to percolate into earth

He invented computers, mobiles and a plethora of electronic gadgets

Carelessly dumped silicon and nickel cadmium wastes sadly turned for him deadly dragnets

Radio frequencies of his cell towers drives away honey bees

Humanity may have to starve for food due to the lack of pollination freebies

Indiscriminate tapping of ground water by him for industries, beverages and colas

To promote noxious industrial progress, his banks are vying with loan melas

Only concerned with his economics, he has over looked ecology

With his degraded mentality and morality, he thinks not of bio-degradability

Felling trees raping forests

Selling dwellings displacing harvests

Billowing smoke from factory chimneys

Burrowing mines in green woods and hills

Choking ore and coal dust in port city window sills

Millions of cigars and cigarettes coming out of tobacco mills

Unchecked flow of toxic wastes in to water bodies, as he wills

Un-rained clouds, razing cyclones

Rising levels of mercury, parching throats

Failed crops, starved souls

Polythene bags eating cattle

Unchecked sale of liquor bottle

These are the indelible marks of his unforgivable wrong

Oh Man! don’t harm the nature any more, or else it will boomerang !