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with skills like that
I can’t tell you to stop
give me that good feeling
don’t want your tongue to leave my space
you take me to that sensual place
my thighs ache with a thirst for you
ravish my body
with you I want to, I need to be naughty
Give you every inch of me
soaking wet
I bet you want a taste of what I can give
your lips touch my frame
deliver that feeling of wanting your hot sex
it’s making me go insane
Thirsty for that hot member
Inside my decadence
making me shake
your about to make my body break
keep giving it to me
so good like you do
I have such respect for you
making me feel so good
I feel like a real woman should
You make my body ache for your taste
wanna keep going
can’t stop this sensual race
my heart is racing
with your tongue
this race you have won
happiness I have found
I just want you to give me a good pound
show me what you got
cause baby i crave you alot
can’t get this taste off my tongue
and for you this sexual pace
I make myself keep up with your race
my release is showing you a job well done
from your loving never will i run
you keep it sensual
but with a touch of dirty
skin to skin
flesh to flesh
our bodies covered in sweat
as we mesh
together the pieces of
the ravenous journey
you give me the gift of a rapturous occasion
floating in the clouds
the high you give my soul
in words I can’t describe
I guess you won’t ever know
how well you do what you do
thanks for the gift you bring
cause it makes my body and flesh sing