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The Cause Of Death – ABANDONED

The love we shared
All those memories
No broken promises
No tears shed
She fades away…
Behind my back
And I am the one to blame
I wasn’t there to protect her
I wasn’t there to die with her
I regret the decision to move away
To run away from the violence
People say I had no choice
I was just a kid
But you always have a choice
You cannot deny it
I made that choice
And it was the wrong one
I hold my breath as I imagine
The blood, the screams
And the absent silence
Baby, close your eyes
It’ll soon be over
You will not exist
Just like your mother.
I cried, I blamed, I shed my blood
But nothing brought them back
BUT. I never prayed.
My disbelief in God was strong
But now, it’s unbreakable
Hold on tight for this wild ride
It’s hard for me to accept
That I won’t see them both again
Hear the babies laugh
Kiss those pink hot cheeks
Dance around with the mother
Or steal apples with her
Every time someone reminds me
Of this beautiful, wonderful girl
All I see is blood, and hear the babies cries
She loved metal
No. She still does.
She lives on in my head
But all bloody like a crime
It WAS a crime.
A dirty fucking crime.
I forgive people
But not today
Shall I forgive them for what they did.
The innocent blood will do you nothing
Only shorten your lives
I will hunt you down in my dreams
And KILL you
It’s a promise I’ll keep
Like the one
I gave to the lustful girl you slaughtered
I said, I’ll keep her necklace safe
I’ll wear it with pride
I shall swallow the sadness
Because no ruthless murderer
Will get out alive
While I’m still around
Don’t wound what you can’t kill
Death awaits you
I shall revenge the deaths of the innocent.