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The mighty force……..

There is a mighty force in us,
in times of sorrow and in distress,

It always gives us inner strength,
which also consoles us to an unknown length.

It carries us through the thorny path,
making us feel like on a velvet cloth.

In difficulties it acts like a shield,
making us feel like a warrior on battle field.

It is always kind to the lonely,
taking care of them very keenly and closely.

It always asks us to bind it to our heart,
to protect us from all the evil wrath.

It caresses us at an ease,
giving us the comfort and appease.

It always greets us with its open arms,
like a mother with all the heavenly charms.

Its love is always unconditional,
also seen stuck to the ugly nail.

Jesus is the mighty force,
always keep him through the course.