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The straight road to Human Zoo

‘Hey! Our brother has come from the precarious town
And what can we do for you? ‘ A Zebra greeted.
‘I need some stripes to borrow from you.’ I said politely.
‘Brother it’s not removable and also not durable on your fair skin.’
‘We lived together but you abandon us and proceeded to your hell
Removing the precious tail.’ A beautiful monkey grumbled.
‘I won’t be harmful to you as I know your venom is stronger than mine.’
A kind snake joined us.
‘Is this the gentleman what they called Man with a tie & coat
Then why do you kill each other to make fences in your bare lands.? ‘
Orang Utan the forefather said.
A man has no answers in the jungle who betrayed purposely
And I wrote that in my notebook.

nimal dunuhinga